About Us

Incorporated in 2001, Pathways is certified as an Outpatient Mental Health Treatment Program by the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (ODMHSAS).  Pathways is also a nationally certified Outpatient Treatment Provider for both adults and children. Our team serves the health needs of Oklahoma and Canadian counties; partnering in these communities helping any adults, children, or families in need.
With its 100 plus team members, Pathways provides a very comprehensive and integrated team approach to our outpatient services. As a trauma informed agency, Team Pathways recognizes the importance of creating a safe environment. Our team members and clients can trust in a process that will help create change and empower our clients with coping skills to deal with all of life’s challenges. Our Team Pathways, goes the extra mile to coordinate services from our client’s life. By partnering with our clients we can wrap them up with services which we believe will give them the best chance of success in navigating this maze of life.
Throughout its 20 year history, Team Pathways has continued to emphasize the utilization of the best practices and evidence-based treatment models.  Our treatment services utilize the most up to date and current models of care which have proven track records in the field. We are constantly working on developing our programs as we search out innovative and new ways to work with our clients in order to provide some of the best and creative services in Oklahoma. Our clients can trust they are getting the absolute best integrated outpatient care possible in the State of Oklahoma.

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